Dear Klub Queer Babez,

We Love You!!!

And we want you to stay safe, healthy and informed!

There have been several reports of people who attended NYE parties in Lismore and also KLUB QUEER on New Years Day as having tested Covid Positive.

We encourage you to get a PCR test at a testing site near you if possible.

Here in Lismore they are turning away people who aren’t showing symptoms from the testing sites. We also know what it’s impossible to get a rapid test at the moment in the region as they are sold out.

If you are showing symptoms please go to a testing site so that early detection can be on your side. If not, we recommend that you self isolate as much as possible and be Covid aware. Do a rapid test if you have access to one. A positive rapid test will be considered a valid reason for a PCR test.

If you find yourself with difficulty breathing or are exhibiting severe Covid symptoms please call 000

We know that many of you will have returned to your homes far and wide. Perhaps the testing sites in your area are better equipped to handle a greater capacity than the Lismore ones.

You can find out testing sites near you on your local or state Government health websites.

Limit your contact with others, wash your hands and wear a mask.

Please stay safe and we will continue to keep you informed of any developments that we learn of.

Living With Covid the Queer way means doing our best to keep ourselves and others safe.

Here’s to hoping that Covid will be less of a concern next time we come together for Klub Queer. But in the meantime.

We love you!


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