Pluto Savage



Pluto Fucking Savage is The Sequinned Menace.

Pluto has been making performance art on the stages and in the gutters of Sydney, Melbourne and The Northern Rivers for over 25 years.

Their pronouns aren’t!

Their temperament isn’t!

And their flesh is too filthy for the fags to eat!

Pluto has staggered and pirouetted the boards of Dive Bars and National Galleries. 

Pluto was the Mother of the Haus of Witness Protection Program Social Club for 10 years as it’s in house Show Pony. Pluto was the Mother of the Haus of Honcho Disco for the first year of its inception. Pluto is the Mother of the Haus of Klub Queer. Pluto is the Mother you never had. Pluto is the Mother you never wanted.

Pluto has been a regular vision on the stages of Club Kooky, Loose Ends, Club Bent, Taboo Parlour, Ouch, Homocidal, Tropical Fruits and many others. 

Pluto’s work has been explored in the writings of academics and essayists and is featured in multiple publications such as Dirty Queer Magazine, Dude And Recently in the book “Humans Being” by Jamie James.

In other words. Pluto is infamous in its own lunchbox.

Pluto Fucking Savage is not here to entertain you, it is here to devour you and ruin everything. 

With glitter.  

And have you begging for more because it hurst so good.

Photogragh by Ethan Kristy