Paul Walker + Ira Zev



These creatures will titillate the senses,

To unveil and de-armour the pleasure body that Is…human,

And allow healing and care through play.

An opportunity to recover,

And discover that,

To lose oneself in the body is to find one’s truth.

Paul Walker (He/They) is a performance artist whose work traverses dance, theatre, live art, interactive performance, and ritual. They currently live, work, and play on Widjabul Wia-bul Bundjalung Country, with roots in Sydney’s experimental and queer performance worlds. 

Paul’s performance history is a mixed bag of delights, ranging from BDSM play parties, major art galleries, farm paddocks in Nimbin, to the Sydney Opera House. No stage is too bright, or floor too filthy, for this faerie to frolic on.

A professed Ecosexual, Paul explores and plays with the body’s relationship to the More-Than-Human world through somatic and improvised movement practices, to uncover the potential for wild, queer, and sensual movement.

Ira Zev (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator, exploring the body beyond civility. With a background in Sociology and Anthropology, Ira’s work is centred on a basic critique of our culture that binds the human experience to the cognitive-analytical, and shames that which is mammalian; sensitive, emotional, of the body(soma), leaving us disembodied and separated from our creative source.

Ira has curated, produced and performed in interactive performance installations exploring play through the body as a pleasure sensor. 

Ira’s work celebrates the sensory body as that which is authentic, and as such, oppressed.

Utilising a unique blend of Somatic practices as well as Art disciplines to engage the senses and invite active participation, where engagement affects creative reality. 

Ira aims to induce curiosity and permit tactile engagement through performance.